When the IRS initiates wage garnishment

We know that creditors can garnish someone’s wages via court orders, but what about if the creditor is the IRS? IRS wage garnishment is a garnishment that is initiated by the Internal Revenue Service for overdue and unpaid taxes.

This is generally a last resort by the IRS after repeated attempts to claim payment from the debtor have failed. Resolving the issue with the IRS should be one of a debtor’s main priorities if he or she has been subjected to wage garnishment by them, since they are, by law, allowed to deduct an even greater portion of one’s wages, even by as much as 70%! That’s the bad news, and therefore you should make every effort not to fall into that situation.

The good news though, is that the IRS is generally willing to discuss payment arrangements with the debtor. Our latest page about IRS wage garnishment explains what this form of garnishment is about, and offers advice on what are your options should you be saddled with, or face a wage garnishment levy – from the IRS.

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