No need to worry about getting terminated over a garnishment

Many employees worry about their job when they are subjected to a wage garnishment order. Is the worry warranted? Well, from the standpoint of employer, a garnishment certainly means extra work for them, as they need to file the salary deduction and forward it to the party that issued the garnishment.

That said, as much as it is distressful, there are absolutely NO grounds for any employer to terminate an employee just because that employee has to have his wages garnished. But of course, if the employee has multiple garnishments issued against him/her and has been sloppy at the job, the chances of the employer terminating the employee are certainly higher. Multiple garnishments mean multiple work for the employer, and it just doesn’t leave a good impression on the employer concerning the said employee.

Certain state laws may differ regarding this, so it is always best to consult with your attorney, if you have any. But the bottom line is clear – A wage garnishment is no cause for concern with regards to your present employment. However, it may be harder to get a job if you don’t already have one and are currently under a wage garnishment ruling.

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