Wage garnishment and student loans

For most of us, education is a must if you want to obtain better career prospects, and that means high school is not enough. But higher education is also costly (in fact, very costly these days), and that is why many people resort to obtaining student loans to further their studies.

The drawback of student loans is being unable to pay it back within the agreed time-frame, and defaulting on the loan. When that happens, the creditor may obtain a court order to impose a wage garnishment on the student, who should have graduated and started working by then. Many people then get bogged down paying off the student loan debt for years and years. It goes without saying that a garnishment like this would be such a bummer, for want of a better word!

In such a scenario, you can fight the garnishment, usually with the help of an attorney. We detail it out in our latest page over here, and is usually carried out by giving details of any financial hardship the student may be undergoing as a result of the garnishment, and striking up a deal with the creditor.

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