Is it possible to stop IRS wage garnishments?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) does initiate wage garnishment orders, but they always make sure to give advance notice beforehand. Of course, this form of wage garnishment is for long overdue and unpaid taxes. IRS wage garnishment can be quite a tedious affair to sort out. And when they do finally act, they don’t even have to drag you to court.

The normal garnishment limits that offer some protection do not apply here. The amount that the IRS is able to garnish from your monthly wages is dependent on your particular state’s laws, which as you are aware, varies.

In this article, we examine the basic process how one may resist the garnishment order. Basically, you need to provide enough hardship evidence that any garnishment would impact you a great deal. There are other options as well, for example, if you are unable to pay the amount, OR to negotiate with the IRS on a staggered payment plan. If you are willing to work out a payment deal/plan with them, then it might work to your advantage.

Getting hit with an IRS initiated wage garnishment definitely sucks. If you afford an attorney, it would certainly help, but ultimately, the best way is not to get hit by it in the first place!

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