What you should know about child support garnishment

Child support garnishment or the process of withholding a portion of the other parent’s wages in order to help with the rearing of a child happens a lot more often these days than we may realize, since the number of single parents today has risen so much.

In accordance with this, the federal government has outlined child support laws that dictate how much of a parent’s income can be garnished, especially if a family needs to be supported.

If you are seeking a child support garnishment, there are many documents you need to provide, and we outline this in our latest page. Although, the garnishee will often try to dispute the garnishment, it may be slightly comforting to the custodial parent to know that the court will usually grant the garnishment order in the majority of cases, seeing that the custodial parent is usually a single mother who has to raise their children alone, and it is only fair that the other parent chips in.

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